The display is becoming increasingly important as a central source of information when operating modern machines. With ABITRON’s GDM series monochrome displays and newly  developed GDC colour graphic displays, you’ll always have the best overview of all your machine’s features. ABITRON ensures that the new displays are easy to read, even in sunlight. The ultra-modern displays of the GDC series a more than just display units. Like a small computer, they have their own computing power and can be programmed by you
according to your needs.

The monochrome graphic displays of the GDM series are available in two sizes: The smaller GDM-2 has a display panel with 132x32 pixels, while the larger GDM-1 has 128x64 pixels. Both display sizes have a backlight. In text mode, the data is transmitted using ASCII characters. As an option, graphic modes and various character sets can also be configured.

ABITRON’s newly developed GDC colour graphic displays are also available in two sizes: Choose your GDC 3.5 “ (320x240 pixels) or GDC 4.3” (480x272 pixels) as needed. Optionally, the GDC 4.3” display can be equipped with softkeys (with or without symbols) to control the menu. An optional video feedback is also available for this larger display. It  can be configured with and without splitscreen for data and video feedback.

As an option, the GDC colour graphic displays can be equipped with a light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of the display. This has a positive effect on the radio transmitter’s operating hours. The display’s internal memory of 128MB can be easily extended by a micro SD card. To be able to optimally adapt your GDC to your application, ABITRON offers a pre-configured Linux development environment (QT). This is provided as a virtual machine.