News about ABITRON

ABITRON shines in a new design

Successful brands call for innovation and renewal without losing their identity. We are therefore happy to announce that…

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Donation Kindergarten Altheim 2018

For Christmas 2018 we have decided to donate an amount of € 1.000,- to the „Spürnasenecke“ (Natural Science Corner) at…

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Urkunde Sponsoring

Sponsoring "Moving Break" New middle school Altheim 2018

The program "Moving Break" in the New Middle School Altheim acts especially for funny sports exercises, whether before…

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Logo ANATEL Zulassung

Brazilian authorization - „Anatel"

A certification of products with radio technologies for the Brazilian market is based on an approval of the local…

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Recertification for offshore systems

To ensure the quality and productivity of your offshore projects, ABITRON offers you a comprehensive range of certified…

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